5 Astonishing Techniques Used in Egyptian Pyramids Construction You Never Knew Before

Egyptian Pyramids construction still carries a lot of mysteries inside. Even today’s developed science is unable to solve many of them. Here in this article we are going to enlist some of the procedures used in the construction that were never answered before. Most of the people questions, how these giant structures were constructed thousands of years before. When there were no modern machines or kind of things to transport such heavy stones around. How much time it took to build a pyramid.

1. Tools used for Egyptian pyramids construction

The major tool used for the construction is definitely the men-force. But researchers believes that at the time of construction of pyramids, science was at its peak. Egyptian used the available resources scientifically to build the gigantic structures. Other than work-force, the tools that were used are ramps, levers, inclined surfaces, huge ropes, boats and water canals are prominent.

Egyptian pyramids construction

2. How those heavy stones were moved and raised

To move the gigantic stones used in the Egyptian pyramids construction was a big challenge. As the pyramids were built in the dessert and that was almost impossible to transport that heavy blocks. Researchers have revealed that water was used to move the stones. Firstly, Water was sprinkled over the sand that actually provides the friction and made it quite easy to drag the blocks over wet sand. The outer edges of pyramids were made by the fine-structured limestone that were quarried from somewhere south of the pyramids. Those heavy limestone were transported via boats through Nile River. To raise the blocks, levers and inclined surfaces were used. Because pulleys were not invented at that time.

Egyptian Pyramids Construction

3. Men-force used for the construction project

Approximately 20,000 to 30,000 workers were taking part in the construction of pyramids. Those workers were fed properly so they can complete the work as soon as possible. Hundreds of sheep and goats were slaughtered daily to produce thousands of pounds meat daily. Researchers stated that there were proper residence spaces for the workers.

Egyptian Pyramids Construction

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4. Defense system built inside the pyramids

Researchers revealed that king’s tomb was protected by a kind of defense system. Precautions were taken to protect the tomb from thieves or looters. Up to 80 meters wider walls were made by granite slabs to protect the tomb. Also there were number of trenches around the tomb. So every visitor should not be able to reach there deep inside the pyramids. So this combination of granite slabs and the grooves is a kind of simple machine system that provides a defense system to the King’s tomb.

Egyptian Pyramids Construction

5. How do the pyramids preserve mummies

Process of preserving the body in old Egyptian era is called mummification. This process involves extreme science. Firstly, the organs that were expected to decay immediately treated. Some of the parts from brain, stomach and liver etc. were removed from the body through very fine operation. After that whole body was sprayed by a kind of salt. That salt dried the body completely from in and out. Then whole body was wrapped inside the lines strips. Air was completely removed between the body and linen strips. Priests were doing all the procedures of mummification as per their religious beliefs.

Egyptian Pyramids Construction


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