Five Common Regrets on the Death Bed

Five common regrets on the death bed that most of the people feel are listed here. It includes the survey by different nurses, attendants and some relatives/friends that spent time with the patients in their last days of life.

Most common regrets on the death bed

5. If I couldn’t had worked so hard

Most of the people wish that if they couldn’t have worked so hard in the life particularly in job. They always tried to work hard to impress the boss. They worked for hours that were not the part of their duty. Most of the time,  arranged meetings at the eleventh hour that were not planned and  have to work for them till late. Now it’s the feeling that extra hours didn’t give any benefit and just wasted those days of life.

 4. Family and friends should have to be preferred

Some people think throughout the life they were unable to set the priorities. It’s a wish, if they could have preferred the family and friends. Whole life they were focusing on career, job and promotion. They never noticed that how good are they socially. How much time they managed for my family and friends? Whenever friends decided for a gathering, mostly they made excuses. For family they spent a routine life and most of the time they avoided to take them out even for a dinner.

3. Not spending a Confident life

Most of the people don’t express their feelings in the whole life that what others will think of them if they did so. They don’t have enough confidence to face the result of their decision. They are afraid that if someone feel it bad or may become angry. It is never possible to make everyone happy.  It was also a common regret on the death bed by most of the people that they should be confident in taking decisions.

2. Guilt of Breaking up with true love

One of the biggest regret that most of the people felt on the death bed is that they didn’t value the true love. There is always someone without whom we are incomplete. We should have to respect that. Egos kill the relations and at the end we are standing alone in the race of life.

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1. Regret of not spending the life happily

This is the most common regret on the death bed of the people that they didn’t prefer happiness in their life. They could spend the life happier. They had missed the opportunities to enjoy the life. Life is a blessing of God and there is limited time that everyone has to pass. So if these limited days are spent happily one may not feel a regret at the end.


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