11 Common Lies Husbands Tell Their Wives

“To tell a lie” is always considered a bad habit. Almost every one of us apparently tries to get rid of that rubbish but in actual practice it is not as easy. Some of us even justifies that sometimes it is good to tell a lie as to save a relation. But I guess it is never gonna to be a good idea. By hiding the truth we are not saving the relation actually, we are spoiling it indeed. Husband-wife a closest family relation might be often get through this kind of situation. And in case of cheating it finally becomes a marriage of lies. Mostly husbands lie couple of times in a day and makes a logic that they are doing this to avoid the impact with wife. Here we are going to enlist some of the common lies husbands tell their wives. These are small white lies that might not been resulted to spoil their family relation but anyhow lie is lie. And it should not be a part of our habit. People often wonder why husbands cheat actually.

11.Baby You are Looking Amazing in This Dress

11 Common Lies Husbands Tell Their Wives

From where had you got this dress baby? You are looking so beautiful in it. It is simply awesome. Looks that its made for you only. These are some common compliments husband use to make their wives happy. But sometimes that is gonna to be too much and wives get the actual point behind.

10. You are not Looking Fat Anymore

11 Common Lies Husbands Tell Their Wives

That situation mostly happen when wife get an idea of dieting and exercise bla bla. All these things are not much easier for hubbies actually. In case of dieting everyone at home will have to follow the diet plan that lady is taking. In case of exercise husband has to take her to park almost twice a day. These all might be an irritating thing for most of the husbands. So they try to get rid of this activity as soon as possible.

9. Dinner You Made at the Family Gathering was Delicious

11 Common Lies Husbands Tell Their Wives

 How Delicious the dinner was you made last night. Mom really liked it. I am so proud of you. Such situations mostly happen when Hubby is planning a family gathering from months and finally his mistress gets ready to cook food at home. Whatever the taste of dinner would be hubbies appreciate otherwise there will be no chance of next gathering like this.

8. I Was Not Out With Tom and Eddie Last Night

11 Common Lies Husbands Tell Their Wives

Some of our friends had not a good reputation in family. Wives never like a meetup with them. But friends are friends and it is almost an impossible thing that someone decides for you that who should be your friend. So in a situation like this mostly husbands avoid to tell the truth where they were actually and with whom.

7. All of Your Friends are Too Good

11 Common Lies Husbands Tell Their Wives

I almost like everyone form your friend list. That one is kind of political statement mostly husbands made. It is impossible that all of her friends are the favorite one. But if one nominates only one or two of the list, there might be another issue. Why you praising her, what is the relation of your with her bla bla. So mostly hubbies avoid this kind of situation by telling a lie.

6. There Was A 30% Off on That GPS

11 Common Lies Husbands Tell Their Wives

It happens sometimes when husbands purchase something alone. Or they might bring an article of their own interest and wife doesn’t like it. In that case husbands try to justify their purchase by showing that there was some off on the product so I bought it.

5. I Didn’t Watch That Episode Early

11 Common Lies Husbands Tell Their Wives

When a drama series is on air at T.V. or somewhere else. There is always suspense of the next episode. Everyone tries to watch it as early as possible. So if hubby gets a chance to go through it via internet or some other source he mostly watch it again with wife but never let her know that he had watched earlier.

4. This Movie Was Simply Awesome

11 Common Lies Husbands Tell Their Wives

 Sometimes husbands stuck in a situation when their wives book a movie ticket. Mostly there is 1800 shift in movie tastes of hubby and wife. All of the time husband might be sleeping in the cinema or spending the time with cell phone. But when they back home, hubby starts praising that what a master piece that movie was.

3. Your Hair-Cut is a Class

11 Common Lies Husbands Tell Their Wives

A messy situation creates when husbands like the long hairs and wives love the haircut. In that case wives surely had a haircut. Now to avoid the impact and the situation of a dialogue hubbies mostly lie that she had such a nice haircut.

2. There is Nothing Wrong, All is Okay

11 Common Lies Husbands Tell Their Wives

When hubbies had a pressure of work or might be some issue in the office. They had a stressed and sad face when arrive at home. Their girls ask for the reason and they just try to pretend normal and say there is nothing wrong with and all is okay.

1. Till Graduation, I Always Top the Class

11 Common Lies Husbands Tell Their Wives

This lie is most common and actually it works before marriage. But even after marriage some hubbies try to keep the things in control. They want to be having an upper hand in their domestic life. So there should always be a good impression. Mostly husbands tell this lie to their wives might just to prove them superior.


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