Is Time Travel Possible? Some Astonishing Truths!

From childhood, most of us heard about time machine. We usually used to play games in which there is a concept of time machine. But here we are going to Un-reveal the truth whether there is something like time machine exits in real. Is time travel possible? Is it possible to travel back in time? Can we control the time? Can we stop the time? Can we spend the time as per our will? We are going to summarize the Einstein’s theories of general relativity and special relativity.

Is Time Travel Possible

Time we normally spend daily is in fact at the rate of one second per second or you may say it as one hour per hour or a year per year. Most of the people question, is it possible to travel faster than the rate we usually pass the time or slower than that? So here we are trying to answer some of the most frequently asked questions of even a common person who is not a science student at all.

Time travel to the past

Is it possible to travel back in time? The answer to this question is simply no at the moment. The famous Modern Physicist, Albert Einstein introduced the concept of space-time in his special theory of relativity. Sometimes a question arises in mind that is it possible that we can see our past. Can we see how we spent the same day last year? Is it possible that we can see our parent’s first meeting? So can we stop them by meeting? And if so were we not in the world today? The answer to all these is simply No! It is impossible. If it could be like that we were not here today and could never be able to see them back in past and stop them by meeting.

Is Time Travel Possible

But now let me explain it scientifically. Anything we see in our daily life is because of light. Light from a source (mostly sun) reflects from the object and enters our ayes to make the object visible. So if want to see our past or the spent days we should have to travel faster than the speed of light, so that we can capture that reflected light from different objects in previous days. According to Einstein, there is nothing moving faster than the light. It travels at about 300 million meter per second.  But according to researches and a number of experiments had proved that it is impossible for anybody to travel faster than light. Hence the answer to the question that can we go back to the past is No!

Can we slow down the time?

Yes this kind of stuff is possible. If a person is moving with a speed quite high like comparable with the speed of light, time will pass slowly for him than others who were left behind. This process even affects the aging system for astronauts who travel at high speeds and spend time in space. Faster the speed you get slower will be time passing for you. Mostly medical students wish their study could be in a very fast moving spaceship. They spend a few days there that equals to several years on earth. Einstein introduced this concept first time theoretically which was latterly explained mathematically by famous Lorentz transformations. That ends up with the famous results like, time dilation, length contraction and mass variation as well.

Time travel to the future

This stuff is not as simple. Also a very commonly asked question and might be the wish of every human at the globe. Let me explain it by a simple experiment. Let there are three persons standing somewhere in a row. Persons “A” throws a ball towards “B” who is standing at the middle. And “C” is standing behind “B” to observe the whole activity. Suppose if “A” throws the ball faster than the speed of light then it will reach before the light that is coming from “A”. Now interesting thing happens. Person “C” will see that “B” is catching the ball before it was thrown by “A”. That kind of thing could relate the future activities that haven’t happened and we see them.

Is Time Travel Possible

But this is again associated with the speed by which ball should travel. If it travels faster than light will become visible even before it was thrown. So anybody ever wants to see the things to be happened in future should have to travel faster than the speed of light, which is impossible at the moment. And it looks that will remain impossible till the end of the world.


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