Top Threatening Facts About EBOLA Virus

Ebola virus is the most discussed topic these days about health issues. Mostly third world countries are threatened and are under attack. Every body is wondering how to get rid of this rubbish and feel safer. Ebola Virus is appeared an unsolved challenge till now. Scientists, Organizations and Medical Agencies are still struggling to overcome this disease. Some of the threatening facts about Ebola Virus are discussed here.

ebola virus


First case of Ebola Virus (EBOV) was reported in 1976 in Congo. It belongs to the specie Zaire. Suspect was somewhere in a village near to Ebola River and so named after that river. But its current name Ebola Virus was finalized by a team of researchers in 2010 to avoid the confusion from other virus species.

Causes/ Transmission:

The root causes of EBOV could be Fruit bats, but other animals that could cause EBOV are, monkeys, pumpkins and pigs etc. Virus can transmit from animals to humans and then from humans to any kind of mammals. Mostly it transfers by body fluids or by physical contact with the places where suspect has touched. Almost 90% of the cases of EBOV are reported in the third world countries facing extreme poverty, destabilization, nominal health and medical facilities. So without proper cleanliness and recommended precautions, this virus spreads rapidly. Major affected areas by EVOS are from West Africa and majority of the population there had no facilities to keep them clean properly.


Symptoms of EVOS are much likely to Malaria. Virus can affect the target in a time interval of approximately three weeks after the attack. In the first stage target feels fever and laziness which is then followed by sore throat and muscle pain. Further to this it causes vomiting and diarrhea. And in the final stage it often causes liver and kidney failure and sometimes internal bleeding as well.

Precautions/ Vaccination:

Till now no vaccine is approved or licensed to cure the EVOS. It’s an idea and that it will take at least more than a year time to be able to cure the disease. However a few potential products are in use these days which may show some remarkable result over the period of time. Some latest development is also seen in the preceding week but it will be tested in western Africa in January 2015. So in a situation like these precautionary measures are very important and could be effective minimize the growth rate of disease. Possible protection should be adopted while treating the animals. Like, gloves should be used while touching and even masks should also be used. Waste products must be treated properly and also the burials should be handled with care.


  1. Common symptoms for Ebola Virus are the same as for Malaria that are followed by vomiting, diarrhea and finally cause liver and kidneys failure.
  2. It originates from fruit bats, pigs, monkeys and chimps.
  3. Other than conventional sources, it can also transmit through body fluids and even by the places where suspect has touched.
  4. A surgeon from Sierra Leone has been infected by Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) and died.
  5. EVD targets humans and other mammals.
  6. More than 15000 suspected cases of EVD are reported among which over 5000 are confirmed deaths in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.
  7. In some areas of western Africa the fatality rate for EVD is up to 90%.
  8. Ebola Virus was first identified in 1976.
  9. First target of EVD was a 44 years old School Teacher.
  10.  No vaccine has been licensed or approved for EVD till now.


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